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  • Carla Evans

Clean oven - baking soda, vinegar & dishwasher detergent!

Sunday was going to be a baking day in preparation for the (nearly) in-laws arrival soon (yikes!). I decided it was way too hot to put the oven on so it was time to clean it instead. It took me a while to find the recipe I used last time so I thought putting it on here would prevent me losing it again :) I completely understand if you no longer wish to take my nutrition advice after seeing the state of the oven!

2 cups baking soda

1/2 cup dishwashing liquid

2 cups vinegar

  1. Make sure the oven is off!! Remove oven racks.

  2. Place baking soda and dishwashing liquid in a large bowl.

  3. Add vinegar SLOWLY, unless you're trying to turn cleaning into explosive fun for the children!

  4. Mix all together with a large spoon into a paste. Add more baking soda or vinegar if necessary to make a consistency that will spread but is not runny.

  5. Use a glove (or hand in a plastic bag) to scoop up handfuls and slather all over the inside of the oven except for the fan/grills. Also spread over the inside of the door.

  6. Leave for about 4 hours (or longer if you like).

  7. Using a microfibre cloth and a bowl of water, wipe it off.

  8. To get any baking soda-white film off, I used my normal cleaning spray which is 80% water and 20% vinegar.

  9. The inside of my oven door was really bad so I had to do an extra lot of baking soda and water paste on this and use a bit of elbow grease. That will teach me for leaving it so long!

  10. For the oven racks, just baking soda and water paste and a bit of scrubbing does the job!


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