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Hello wonderful clients!  My Favourite Things shop is for YOU!  Or more specifically, for those of you who would like to benefit from "Carla Approved" products that meet my finicky standards AND actually taste good or, in the case of personal care and cleaning products, actually work!   My Favourite Things is open for orders every second month. 

Click & Collect:

Step 1:  Become a member.  By clicking on any product you will be prompted to become a member.   I will receive a message to approve your membership so only clients can order products.  Once you are a member you can browse until your heart’s content.

Step 2:  Wait for an email to say the shop is open!  My Favourite Things is open every second month.  You will then have approximately 5 days to place your orders.

Step 3:  Once Your Favourite Things are in my hot little hands you’ll receive a message so you can collect them from clinic or Pilates class.


Happy Shopping!

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