About Carla

About Carla

Part 1:  From Dietitian to Kinesiologist


Working in healthcare for the past 13 years has seen a gradual but significant shift in my approach to health.  From a clinical Dietitian in NZ and the UK, to a private practice Nutritionist in Australia and now as a Kinesiologist & Nutritionist here in beautiful Adelaide, I can finally say I love my work.


What prompted the shift from clinical Dietetics to Kinesiology?

"There is something else going on here" was a common thought throughout my work as a Dietitian and even as a private practice Nutritionist. Addressing chemical imbalances with nutrition was still not enough for some clients to achieve the lasting results they were after.

There needed to be a way of gaining more insight and information about what was causing imbalances for clients.  There was also a need for more tools and techniques, in addition to nutritional strategies, to help clients clear these imbalances.

After researching many healthcare modalities, Kinesiology answered both needs.  Kinesiology opens up a much wider perspective to health as it uses the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The meridians help us see the links between the chemical status of the body, the structure of the body, the emotional state and the neurological integration. 

Each of the meridians are linked with certain muscles.  Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to assess the status of the meridians so we know which ones to work with.  A variety of techniques are then used to reset the meridians, including nutritional strategies if necessary.  Read more about Kinesiology

It is an absolute joy to combine Kinesiology with Nutrition to help clients with a wide range of health issues including digestive problems, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, poor immune function, behavioural issues, learning difficulties, anxiety, pain and stress management.

On a personal note, the amount I have learnt about my own body and health through using Kinesiology is incredible.  I keep learning more all the time as the body peels back layers of imbalances.  I am so grateful that I found Kinesiology and have such a wonderful teacher and mentor to guide me.

If you would like to discover what is creating health imbalances for you or your children, and what you need to start changing them, I would love to help.

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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Hormonal imbalances

Learning difficulties

Behavioural issues


Phobias & fears

Part 2:  From gymnast to Pilates Instructor

My interest in the workings of the human body started as a young gymnast and dancer. These interests were further developed at the University of Otago, New Zealand where I completed a Sports Science degree alongside my Nutrition & Dietetics degrees.  Throughout my study I worked as a group fitness and gym instructor and saw too many examples of injuries as a result of either weak abdominals, poor exercise technique or imbalanced posture.

While working in the United Kingdom I found Pilates – a form of exercise designed to improve the entire body by balancing postural muscles, improving range of movement and developing stability.  I currently teach classes in McLaren Vale and McLaren Flat.  Read more about Pilates...





  • Diploma of Kinesiology (AKA Registration 9414111)

  • PGDipDiet (Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics)

  • BSc in Human Nutrition

  • BPhEd in Sports Science

  • Pilates Instructor