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My daughter began seeing Carla a few years ago when she was experiencing IBS type issues.  Carla was able to successfully deal with these issues on a holistic level - as a nutritionist and as a kinesiologist.  These modalities go hand in hand and my daughter comes away from every session balanced and happier, and therefore healthier.  My daughter once said to me that she feels like Carla can read her mind!  

Carla is skilled at reading our body, supporting our body and providing practical solutions to move through whatever it is we are experiencing, whether it be physical or emotional.  So much so, that my husband and I have both become clients too.

Much gratitude Carla, you're a wonderful healer.

Cathy, Eden Hills, SA

I have been seeing Carla for Kinesiology treatments for various complaints that have come up over a period of several years.


Carla is always caring, friendly and at the same time, very professional. I have benefited from her extensive knowledge and remarkable abilities in a wide range of healing modalities including traditional Chinese medicine, Craniosacral massage, Bowen therapy, nutritional expertise and Pilates instruction as well as kinesiology.


I highly recommend Carla.


Working with Kinesiology has shown me how interconnected the body is - a problem in one area is often linked to a problem elsewhere and emotional and physical symptoms are usually connected reinforcing the need to work on both.  I enjoy being able to stop and focus on what my body is trying to tell me, rather than living in my head as I usually do on a daily basis.


 As well as the Kinesiology I also appreciate the nutrition support Carla can give and the practical advice such as how to approach conversations with others in order to look after both them and me.  Carla’s sense of humour means we have fun in our sessions even when dealing with big issues.


Mitcham, SA

I have been seeing Carla for years and appreciate all that she has been able to help me with. 
I came to Carla for help with my diet as she is a nutritionist, she suggested that we instead go down the route of Kinesiology, which I had never heard of before, let alone understood what it was! 

I'm so glad we went that route, I always say to my friends that kinesiology is such a powerful tool to understand what your body is truly needing help with and how to specifically help it.  With kinesiology I am able to understand the troubles I am having in every area of life on a regular basis and create ways to manage my physical and mental health on an ongoing basis to feel my best. 

Kinesiology taps into the unconscious, so helps us fix things we don't know we even need to look at. Kinesiology is something absolutely everyone could benefit from.

Carla really helped shape my life into something great, I'll always be grateful!

Steph Fotheringham

Coromandel East, SA / Jakarta, ID

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