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  • Carla Evans



It’s the small things practiced consistently and compounded over time that create lasting results. Are your daily habits taking you in the direction you would like to go?

We often overlook the small things. Those sneaky little habits that creep into our daily lives without us realising and before we know it we are drinking 3 cups of coffee a day rather than the one we were having 12 months ago. We have gradually increased from 1 glass of wine a couple of nights a week to a glass of wine when we get home from work, a glass of wine with dinner and a glass of wine after dinner, every night. We used to check our work emails at home only occasionally for something really important and now we check them every night and reply when it could wait until the next day.

These gradual shifts often don't feel like an issue because they've happened slowly so we don't notice how they affect us. Imagine how you would feel if you had only ever had one cup of coffee a day and then you suddenly increase to 3 a day. You would probably feel a difference in energy, irritability, restlessness, sleep and/or dehydration due to the sudden change. And therefore you would probably say to yourself, maybe that wasn't such a good idea, I'll go back to one coffee a day.

When it happens gradually we don't make the link between the changes in our sleep patterns and the increased coffee because we don't feel like the coffee intake has changed significantly.

It's like that cute little sneaky puppy that has wriggled it's way under your arm and you are patting it on automatic pilot without even realising it's there!

One thing I've realised I've been doing that is unhelpful is reading too late at night. I LOVE reading and really look forward to it, however an hour can go by without me noticing. The other thing I love and need plenty of is sleep, so one starts to impact the other until you have a grumpy tired Carla. But it's ok, I've become aware of it and have set an alarm to remind me to stop reading and go to sleep and it's working :)

So let's ask ourselves again:

Are your daily habits taking you in the direction you would like to go?

If your health/sport/family is not heading in the direction you would like it to go, is there a sneaky little habit that has crept up on you and it's time to choose to change it?

I'd love to hear what you come up with!

Happy changing habits,

Carla :)



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