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Frequently asked questions

I have zero coordination, will I cope in a Pilates class?

Yes! In fact all the more reason to do Pilates :) The class environment I aim for is supportive and fun while still having a proper workout. We always have a laugh (usually at my expense!) and we always learn something. Win win! If you are really worried about how you will cope you can always book in for a couple of private sessions with me first so you get an idea of what it will be like before you go into a class situation.

I'm pregnant, is Pilates suitable for me?

This depends on your individual situation so please contact me on 0435 050575 for a chat first.

I have back pain, will I be okay in a Pilates class?

This depends on your individual situation so please phone me on 0435 050575 for a chat. If you have chronic (long term) back pain and are currently seeing a healthcare practitioner to help, please ask them for their advice on whether Pilates is suitable and if so, would they recommend a class, private sessions or rehabilitation Pilates with a Physiotherapist. If you have recently injured your back and are in acute pain Pilates mat classes are not suitable for you.

How often do I need to practice Pilates to feel results?

2-3 times per week. Now I don't mean you need to do an hour's class 2-3 times per week but you do need to practice at least a 15 minute routine 2-3 times per week so your body starts to integrate the new patterns of movement we're trying to set up. Once you know the fundamental exercises, I have a short video I can send you so you can practice these at home to keep you going inbetween there really are no excuses (well no decent ones anyway!).