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  • Carla Evans

Inspiration for the kids...

Hi everyone,

As the Matildas prepare for their game tonight it's a great time to think about the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in our lives and ways we can open their eyes to possibilities.

I'll always remember a documentary I watched about a classroom of 6 year olds. All gender stereotyping was removed from the classroom and the children were all exposed to a variety of activities from various sports to sewing, building things to playing with dolls. Two things stuck with me. A girl beaming when she found out she was going to play soccer saying something like "I've always wanted to play soccer but the boys always take the ball at playtime and never invite me". Secondly, a boy who discovered embroidery for the first time and absolutely loved it (and was very good at it!)

It really showed me that what activities children are exposed to can either limit or open up their world. Girls are currently seeing that there is an option for them to play soccer at the highest level. Maybe boys need to see more male dancers?

Here are some tips to open up possibilities for the kids in your life:

  • Offer a variety of sports including those easily stereotyped to gender. Obviously offer soccer, cricket and rugby to girls and dance and gymnastics to boys. Try team sports as well as individual sports.

  • Offer different types of play including dolls and figurines for boys and lego for girls.

  • Offer different craft and art - both fine motor skill activities like embroidery to big bold painting or collage making.

  • Offer music - either playing it or singing or just being around it.

  • Read books about boys and girls doing all sorts of things to get their imaginations going.

  • When you come across someone doing something that's different to the gender stereotyping talk to the kids about it. Maybe you meet a female tradie or a male nurse - let the kids know!

Remember, if they've not been exposed to it, they don't even know it's an option (unless they have a really good imagination :)

And if you'd like to read more about raising well adjusted girls - read or listen to Maggie Dent's latest book Girlhood. It's easy to read/listen to and has lots of sound information and tips. Of course, she has many books on raising boys too... Maggie also has a podcast called Parental as Anything.

Happy watching the Matildas!

Carla :)

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