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  • Carla Evans

Thyroid & Sexy Selenium

A lot of people have heard of the benefits of iodine for thyroid conditions but we seem to have forgotten about it's wing man, (and much sexier mineral in my opinion!) selenium. Or as my darling husband has renamed it, Sexy Selena!

So how do I get more sexy errr....I mean selenium do I hear you ask?

Nuts: cashews, brazil nuts, peanuts

Vegetables: alfalfa sprouts, broccoli (is there anything broccoli is not good for?!), celery, garlic, onion, turnip

Grains: wholegrains e.g. brown rice, rolled oats, barley

Dairy: butter*

Animal protein: eggs, crab, fish (especially mackerel, tuna), organ meats (especially kidney & liver), oysters

*proper butter that is, pleeeeeease check the ingredients if you use spreadable butter. There should only be cream and salt. Mainland buttersoft is the one I use, it's triple churned to make it spreadable but has no added oils, colours, flavourings or anything else.

Why do I need selenium?

Selenium helps with thyroid hormone metabolism and a lack of it may be linked with an inflamed thyroid (thyroiditis) which can lead to hypo or hyperthyroidism. Not only that, but an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) increases the need for selenium. Being on corticosteroid medications or the oral contraceptive pill may also reduce blood selenium levels.

It's sexy because it works hand in hand with your sex hormones (oestrogens, progesterone, testosterone and more); may improve sperm motility & maturation; and is needed more in pre-menstrual days and pregnancy. So also good for you if your thyroid hormones are hunky dory but you want to maintain your hormonal balance.

It also has anti-viral properties, most important in this cooler weather when there are more cold viruses around.

So what can you eat today to sexy it up a bit?!

Source: Osiecki, H. The Nutrient Bible, 9th Ed.


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