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  • Carla Evans

And the day begins again...

Now I'm not a born gardener as hubby will attest to but I do like a bit of Monty Don, gardening brilliance from the U.K.  Watching his show recently he was helping a couple create a Japanese garden including a zen garden (Japanese rock garden).  Think gravel with sparsely laid boulders and the gardener rakes the gravel into patterns as a moving meditation.  I'd seen a zen garden before and understood the general concept but this one statement stood a experienced zen gardener was showing the couple how to rake, he did a full circle around one of the boulders, finishing in the exact same rake lines as he started and as he walked away said "And the day begins again". 

A beautiful reminder that, no matter what time of day it is, no matter what has happened to us, by us or around us, we can rake another circle "and the day begins again". 

No need to literally wait until tomorrow to make that change in your thoughts or behaviours.  Find your equivalent to raking the zen garden and do it whenever it's required. 


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