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  • Carla Evans

Adrenal TLC - 2 min technique

Hi everyone,

A webinar I watched recently reminded me of a really important link in adrenal stress - our posture.  When the adrenals are working hard and we are in fight/flight mode our posture is often affected, I think we all know the feeling when our shoulders feel up by our ears at the end of a stressful day!  But did you know that it works the other way too?  Our posture sends a message to our nervous system and adrenal glands to say whether we are safe and relaxed or in fight/flight mode.

Watch the video to learn more and for an easy 2 min reset for the psoas - diaphragm - adrenal link: (jump to 3 mins for the technique!)

Happy adrenal resetting!

Carla :)

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