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  • Carla Evans

What is postural walking?

Hi everyone,

If you enjoy walking, this video is for you.  Learn how to use walking to improve your posture and movement patterns rather than reinforcing habitual and unhelpful movement patterns.

When I'm doing postural walking (this is a term I've made up by the way), I find my "lazy" muscles - upper back, hamstrings and glutes are getting a good work out even if I'm not working very fast.  In fact, I find I can't walk super fast with postural walking so it's great when walking with a slow dog, pram or friend so you can have a good chat at the same time!

The key points which are explained in the video are:

  • Crown of head lifted

  • Shoulder girdle dropped

  • Pelvis hangs

  • Hip joints open

  • Glutes engage

  • Feet connect

Click on the image below to start the video or use the link:

Happy walking!

Carla :)

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