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  • Carla Evans

Crunchy, sweet deliciousness

Hi everyone,

We've just picked the rest of the green apples on our tree as the birds were starting to enjoy them a bit too much!  Even though they are granny smith apples they are sweet enough to eat so we are enjoying them every day (including Gypsy!)

Green apples contain high levels of malic acid (I love the autocorrect to magic acid!), tartaric acid and pectin which aid digestion and also help with any congestion in the liver and gallbladder.  The malic acid in green apples improves nutrient release from other fruits/vegetables when juicing so they are a great addition to homemade juices (only use organic apples in juices).

Aside from eating them straight off the tree, here are some ideas on how to use green apples:

  • Juicing - half green apple and half carrot with a bit of ginger is delicious!  Save the pulp and add it do your dog food.

  • Stewed - add a little cinnamon and nutmeg.  Add stewed apple to your breakfast cereal or porridge; have as a dessert with a dollop of yoghurt; or of course, make it into apple crumble.

  • Dried - if you have access to a dehydrator, make some delicious dried apple for snacks - the kids will love it!

  • CADA - a great breakfast or snack option: 1 handful flaked coconut, 1 handful raw almonds, 1-2 pitted dates, 1 green apple Place all in food processor and blitz 2-3 times until it resembles a crumble muesli texture. Eat on its own or with a dollop of yoghurt and berries.

  • Baked apple - core the apple, stuff with a couple of dates/walnuts and bake for approx. 45mins until soft enough to eat.  Have a look at recipes online like this one - they often recommend a bit of liquid in the bottom of the dish so the apples don't dry out plus give ideas for adding spices although most of them get a bit fancy - you can keep it super simple.

Happy apple munching!

Carla :)

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