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  • Carla Evans

A not so smart meter

Hi everyone,

I hope you are keeping warm and toasty - we lit the fire for the first time on the weekend, it was delicious. Gypsy enjoyed it too - she was asleep within minutes..mind you that's not unusual!

Something that has been worrying me about sleep for a while is the power meter box that's on the external wall directly behind our bed. Being aware that we are made up of electromagnetic energy fields (nervous system including the brain, heart, cell membranes, meridians, chakras and more) - it makes sense that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our environment may affect our personal electromagnetic fields. These fields power our whole body on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. Therefore all aspects of health could be affected both positively and negatively by external EMFs.

They could affect us positively? Yes, definitely. Not all EMFs are created equally. There is terrestrial radiation and man-made radiation. Terrestrial radiation is the naturally occurring, background electromagnetic radiation produced by the planet. It comes from the sun, the earth's static magnetic field, the earth's crust, the cosmos, x-rays from space, gravity and Schumann Resonances (static electric field between ionosphere and earth).

Terrestrial radiation is very low intensity frequencies that are essential for our circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycles), brainwave activity, immune system, onset of puberty, genetic expression, cell communication and metabolism.

Differences between terrestrial radiation & man-made radiation:

To understand that all better, I highly recommend Nicole's book. She goes into all the science as well as down to earth explanations to help us get our heads around it all. The book also covers many other aspects of healthy homes - allergens, chemicals, drinking water, building and renovating.

So back to the meter box. Because of the configuration of the room, we are unable to move the bed anywhere else - you ideally want to be 1-2m away from the meter box. A simple next step was to make the smart meter not so smart anymore. Smart meters emit an extra type of EMF (radio frequency electromagnetic energy) on top of everything else that is going on in the meter box. They read the meter every 15-30mins and send the information to the supplier via a MESH network - so they are communicating regardless of whether your wifi is switched on or not. Our energy retailer (Origin) was able to send a technician out to remove the sim card in the smart meter and cut the wire to the antenna. It still functions as a traditional meter but someone will have to come out and read it now allowing me (and therefore hubby) to sleep a bit easier.

Happy unsmarting!


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