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  • Carla Evans

Adrenals coping with the silly season?

Hi everyone,

We are into the silly season. school is winding down, christmas trees are going up, warmer weather is making it's appearance and cheesy christmas movies are being watched (...or is that just me?!)

2021 has been and 2022 will continue to be an interesting year. The collective energy that we all share, affect and are affected by has been palpable this year. It has gone through stages of fear and anxiety, overwhelm, heaviness and oppressiveness. All understandable but all challenging. The most important thing we can do is focus on our personal energy field being coherent and stable, this will minimise how much chaotic energy patterns affect us. Being present in our body i.e. having awareness in our body at all times is a great way to stabilise our energy field. It can be as simple as keeping part of your attention on the way the stomach moves when you breath.

Now you may be thinking, that's all a bit woohoo for me Carla. But think about how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. I've had so many clients say to me that they are "over this year" and I've caught myself saying it a few times. Many people's physical symptoms are feeling exacerbated. People who are usually very level headed are experiencing mood swings. People who are usually mentally very switched on are struggling to focus. Children are acting up, withdrawing or being needy.

What is happening energetically can affect us on all those levels - physical, mental and emotional. On the physical level the adrenals are a big player when it comes to stress - both acute and in this case chronic (usually defined as longer than 3 months). I recently wrote an article on adrenals for our national Kinesiology magazine and I thought some of you might like to learn a bit more about what the adrenals are, how they work and how we can support them. As usual the article is aimed at practitioners but is an easy read...

And I totally understand if you don't want to read it. So for you - some Christmas jokes!! Laughter is one of the best stress relievers...along with chocolate of course :)

Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas Party?

  • Because he had no body to go with!

What do the elves cook with in the kitchen?

  • Utinsels!

Why did the elves ask the turkey to join the band?

  • Because he had the drum sticks.

Happy christmas joking!

Carla :)



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