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  • Carla Evans

An electric holiday read

Hi everyone,

Since I'm going to be away for the next 3 weeks I thought I'd introduce you to a book so you have some reading to do!

It's funny how we come across things at exactly the right time. I found this book after listening to a podcast on electromagnetic fields (EMF). I was listening to the podcast because I'd just been working with a client on EMF with her new phone. The podcast didn't really float my boat but he did mention a couple of books and one of them stood out - Electric Body Electric Health by Eileen Day McKusick. I downloaded it as an audiobook and started listening. Eileen narrates the audiobook herself and has an easy to listen to voice. The book is written in such a down to earth way that's it's easy to understand the concepts and absorb the information - this is no mean feat when talking about energy fields! Trust me, she has done a brilliant job of explaining it as if it's a normal, everyday conversation. You're left thinking, "yes, well of course, that's very logical!" I've since been able to recommend it to a few people at exactly the right time for them.

Eileen started as a massage therapist amongst other things and then started working with tuning forks. Working with clients she experimented with holding the tuning fork away from the body and slowly moving towards the body. Eileen found she was able to hear the change in the sound the tuning fork made as it came across what she now calls patches of energy resistance or blockages in the person's energy field. Over the past 20yrs Eileen has "mapped" the energy field of the body with the patterns she has consistently found in her clients. She has linked this in with the chakras and other energy centres - she calls this the Biofield Anatomy. This anatomy is Part II of the book and it is a great reference that I keep going back to when I am working on a certain area. It goes through the feet, knees and the 7 main chakras detailing patterns found overall and then specifically to the left, right and back of the area.

Whether the concept of energy fields in and around the body is new and weird and scary for you or you've been working with it for ages, I HIGHLY recommend this book. Each time you listen or read it you will learn a little bit more. And as I said, Eileen has her feet solidly on the ground, this is no airy fairy B.S., there is even the occasional (appropriately used) swear word.

Happy energising!

Carla :)

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