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  • Carla Evans

An overseas holiday!

Wow I can't believe it's been 3 weeks - it's absolutely flown by. We had a great time on our overseas holiday...on Kangaroo Island - well it's technically over the sea!

If you have been thinking about going to KI recently I'd highly recommend it. We stayed at Emu Bay and driving from the ferry at Penneshaw to Kingscote to Emu Bay - you wouldn't know there had been bush fires a year ago. It was only when you started to drive further west or south you could see the burnt areas. There is a lot of new green growth popping up which is amazing to see.

Emu Bay is a beautiful beach - we were lucky staying right on the beach, only a few steps down to the sand. It is a drive-on beach but it wasn't busy at this time of year - only about 5 cars on a very long stretch of beach during the week and a few more at the weekend. I went for a walk on the beach the day we arrived and saw dolphins - ahhh, I was in my happy place.

There was a lot of chilling out, reading and jigsaw puzzling but when we did venture out the highlights were:

Great little cafe for coffee, breakfast or lunch (we tried all three!) set in pretty gardens and surrounded by the lavender farm. The menu looks like it has changed from when we were there but the Green Bowl - now the Buddha Bowl was delicious. Lots of goodies to buy and bring home too - definitely try the Lavender muscle rub - it smells divine and The Figgery Original Sticky Fig Dressing - made locally in KI but sold at many Foodland supermarkets on the mainland too. We've nearly finished our first bottle, lucky we bought two!

A very unique dining experience! A three course meal sitting under the most enormous fig tree you've ever seen. Tree branches have been carefully cut in the 120yr old tree to make little "rooms" so although you can see other diners it feels like you're tucked away in your own little alcove.

On the road from Kingscote to Emu Bay is KI Brewery. A lovely barn-like cellar door with outdoor seating if the weather is wasn't warm enough for me! But we had a great window seat looking out at the farmland beyond. Unfortunately their stout was out of stock when we were there but hubby's favourite was the pale ale and they do sell wines by the glass too. They cook pizzas on Fridays and Sundays just incase you can't be bothered :)

Stokes Bay

The next beach along the north coast from Emu Bay is a hidden gem. When you park in the carpark the bay looks lovely but is very rocky. Follow the signs to the beach and you'll be taken through a little tunnel in the rocks which opens out onto a beautiful beach. Take a picnic, a book and soak up the sun in this little piece of paradise.

A lovely little cafe in Penneshaw, perfect before we took the ferry home. Beautiful setting, lots of fruit trees in the garden and lovely food - vegan and gluten-free options.

Yum - just writing about it all makes me want to go back again! Another great reminder of how lucky we are to be in South Australia and have so much room to roam.

I'm back at work as of today and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Happy eating your way around SA,

Carla :)



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