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  • Carla Evans

Calories - what are they and should we care?

Hi everyone,

Well we are properly into the run down to Christmas now - children are already or nearly finished school and Christmas decorations are up (well ours will go up at the end of this week!). I'm still reminding myself it's December already...but it's been that kind of strange year where it's all a bit of a blur!

Quick reminder, I will be on leave between Christmas and New Years and then back to work in the first week of January. We'll have our proper summer holiday in Feb/March.

Here is the latest article I've written for our national Kinesiology magazine. I can't decide whether it's timely or not leading into the holiday season - it's definitely pertinent but maybe a bit grinch like to be talking about calories? Christmas genuinely wasn't on my mind when it was written at the beginning of November but I completely understand if you'd prefer to read this in January!

The article takes an objective look at what calories actually are and how little tweaks can make a significant difference to our intake. Heads up - Australia's favourite legal drugs, alcohol and coffee are both discussed! As usual the article is written for practitioners but the information is relevant to us all and the language is not very scientific so it's an easy read.

Happy reading (and Christmas decorating),

Carla :)



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