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  • Carla Evans

First aid technique for stress

Hi everyone,

Feeling stressed? Foggy headed? Emotionally stuck? Easily affected by others' mood or energy?

Let's try resetting your central meridian...this has been coming up alot in clinic so it is likely to be something lots of us need at the moment. Below is a video showing a couple of super quick techniques to reset this meridian. It can help with foggy thinking, lack of concentration, emotional stress and even nervous butterflies in the stomach feeling. It promotes rational thinking, calmness and relaxation ... yes please!

This is a great one to teach the kids to do for themselves too - but watch out, they will probably start telling you when you need to do it!

Happy centering!

Carla :)

P.S. Want to re-read a previous email but have deleted it? (accidentally of course!) Not to fear - all previous emails are available on the website blog or facebook.

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