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  • Carla Evans

I love Spring but I hate mossies

Hi everyone,

Spoiler alert - this post is specifically for clients as it's about ordering from My Favourite Things online shop. There is no postage option at the moment therefore it's only for those who can collect it from clinic or pilates class. If you're local to Blackwood or McLaren Vale (South Australia) and would like some of this awesome mossie lotion please get in touch and we can arrange collection.

The weather is warming up - yay! The sun is shining more - yay! The mossies and midgies are enjoying it too - boo! My Favourite Things Shop is open for orders - yay!

I got my first mossie bite of the season last weekend when we were at our neighbours in the early evening and I forgot to put any repellant on.  So out comes one of My Favourite Things products - Good Riddance Mossie & Midgie Lotion.  It's been with us for a couple of years now and I still swear by it.  We took it to Singapore and Vietnam recently and didn't get any mossie bites.  Just a side note, if you go to Vietnam wear insect repellant during the day and night as they apparently have two types of mosquitos and one comes out during the day.  The mossies over there can carry dengue fever so it's best to be safe!

You may remember a while ago I mentioned that the Good Riddance Mossie & Midgie range was undergoing testing by the government department APVMA so it can legally be called an insect repellant.  While the testing is going on they are not allowed to make or sell the range.  The latest update is that the testing should be finished in early 2020.  The good news is I have a few of the original branded products still in stock and they have temporarily rebranded to Viva Verde Mangrove Magic so we can still get the:

  • Lotion in 100mL and 250mL 

  • Sensitive skin lotion in 100mL

  • Essential oil blend to use in a diffuser

  • Soy candle in a tin

  • Rescue balm in a stick to put on bites

The Viva Verde brand is what you will see on My Favourite Things shop.

The main products I use are the lotion, the essential oil in a diffuser in the bedroom and the soy candle when we are eating outside.

The products all smell great, the lotion feels lovely on the skin and is not greasy, they are DEET free and most importantly they actually work!

I have a few tester products in the McLaren Vale clinic so please feel free to try them out at your next appointment.

As always, remember your discount codes and enter them at checkout - there is a button on the left of the checkout page:

  • Spend $50 and receive 5% off.  Code:  5%OFF

  • Spend $100 and receive 10% off.  Code:  10%OFF

  • New clients - please check your email for your special discount code and if you can't find it just let me know and I'll resend it.

This is my first time shopping with My Favourite Things, how does it work? I started this online shop in response to clients asking me what household products and health foods I use at home.  I figured I already place an order with my wholesalers every 2 months so why not offer to order in products for my clients too? So…My Favourite Things was born.   The shop is open for orders for 1 week every second month and it's like a click and collect service.  You place your order and once I have Your Favourite Things in my hot little hands you’ll receive a message so you can collect them from clinic or Pilates class.

What are the benefit of choosing products from My Favourite Things?

  1. Carla Approved!  You know the products have been vetted by Mrs Finicky which means where possible they are certified organic, australian made, and have no additives or dodgy ingredients.

  2. Tried and Tested.  You know the products work as I’ve tried them out myself or a fellow client has tried them and recommended them.  There’s no point having a product with perfect ingredients but it doesn’t actually do the job - it drives me nuts.

  3. No delivery costs yay!

  4. The product list will keep growing and growing…let me know what else you would like to see - I’ll be guided by you!

  5. Oh and did I mention there’s chocolate?!!

Happy Spring shopping!  The shop will close at midnight on Sunday 6th October.

Carla :)



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