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  • Carla Evans

Non-alcoholic Christmas drinks

Hi everyone,

Well, here we are...Christmas week! Now I may be being presumptuous, but there is a trend to imbibe in a little more alcohol than usual over Christmas. If you would like to buck the trend and have less alcohol or simply can't drink because you're driving there are plenty of alternatives that still feel a bit special.

We were at Fall From Grace on Friday night for a drink with the wonderful Gill Gordon-Smith. If you're not familiar with Gill she is a wine aficionado (that's not just my opinion, she has multiple qualifications and awards) and has a gorgeous little cellar door/wine bar in Aldinga - tucked in between Miss Gladys and Maxwell's. She makes her own wine and also sources deliciousness from overseas (especially Italy) specialising in organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Every Friday night she has a selection of wines open to taste and purchase by the glass so you can have a drink with friends outside under the verandah or on the lawn.

I was excited to go because I'd heard Gill had started offering non-alcoholic cocktails and I wasn't disappointed although I did have a glass of champagne first. Well... when hubby buys you a glass of french champagne what's a girl to do?! So after that little treat I tried the non-alcoholic Spritz and it was fantastic! Think Aperol Spritz sitting in an Italian piazza watching the world go by. Well if we can't travel, we have to use our imagination! And Gill didn't let me stop there, next came an Amaretti Sour - now I'd never had a normal Amaretti Sour so wasn't sure what I was in for but I loved it (see photo below).

Gill uses Lyre's non-alcoholic spirits which she does sometimes have in stock and which you can also buy at Dan Murphys. The Lyre's website has lots of recipes for you to try but a hint from Gill, don't buy the Dry London Spirit - the equivalent to gin - it's the only one she's had that she doesn't like the taste of.

Keep track of Fall From Grace's opening hours on the Facebook page... they are open Christmas Eve!

So what are my other non-alcoholic go too's for this Christmas and New Years?

  • Beer - Heineken 0.0 - available at most bottle shops and even supermarkets and Clausthaler - available at Dan Murphys

  • Water Kefir - Love Your Guts - available at McLaren Vale Organic Store

  • Iced Herbal Tea with soda water and frozen berries/citrus fruit slices

  • Sparking Water with cucumber, lime and mint

Happy Christmas & New Years to you all. A massive thank you for continuing to support your own health and Collective Elements during the year especially when we had to get creative with Zoom Pilates and online Kinesiology & Nutrition consultations. As always, it's a pleasure and privilege to work with you to unblock the flow of vital energy within us all. Thank you for your time, your laughter and your lessons - yes I learn from each and every one of you!

Unless you have an appointment this week, I look forward to seeing you in 2021 starting from 5th Jan.

Love Carla :)


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