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  • Carla Evans

One of my favourite staples...

Keeping good nutrition simple is really important to me.  Not only because i don't want to be in the kitchen all day, but also because I love having staple recipes that I know I can make easily, taste delicious and are full of goodness to keep me fuelled.

Hummus is one of those recipes.  I always make this myself because I can't eat garlic and all the bought ones contain garlic.  I also prefer making it with cannellini beans or butter beans (butter beans are my new favourite - the consistency is awesome).  Making it myself means I can add different flavours like cumin, coriander, paprika or smoked paprika.  Of course, it also keeps it Carla Approved as there isn't a ridiculous amount of salt or added preservatives, flavourings or emulsifiers.

Hummus is a fantastic protein source.  The combination of chickpeas/beans and tahini (sesame seed paste) mean it contains all the essential amino acids needed to make a complete protein so it is a fantastic alternative to meat.  Tahini is also a great source of calcium and because of the ingredients, hummus is full of fibre!

I love it as a dip for veggie sticks and rice crackers but it is also great just dolloped into a salad or spread on toast, wraps or sandwiches.  Sometimes I'll have a big plate of roast and steamed veggies for dinner with hummus - so simple!

If you've never tried making your own, here is a basic hummus recipe.  Once you've tried it and see how simple it is, I hope you'll feel you can have it as one of your staples too :)

Happy hummusing!

Carla :)



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