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  • Carla Evans

Stressed? Me? No...this is my usual cheery self

Hi everyone,

As we near the end of the school term (how did that happen?) tiredness and unhelpful stress can start to creep in - on behalf of both the kids and the parents. If you're a client I've probably showed you various techniques over time to help manage stress and improve brain integration but it's funny how when we need to use them the most they tend to go right out of our head and instead our brains tell us that eating a block of chocolate is the best way to manage stress!

Fear not, I've just ordered some more "Stress Less with Ezi Kinezi" booklets with 16 home support techniques, put together by my Kinesiology teacher & mentor. The images are done as cartoons to make it appropriate for kids but the techniques are just as useful for adults. There is an audio CD too which is handy in the car on the way to school (if your car still has a CD player that is!).

You can pick and choose which techniques you use or you can follow the 4min routine at the back of the booklet.

I've been using these techniques since I started studying Kinesiology and still use them nearly every day either to help switch my brain on before starting work, to release tension in my jaw or shoulders or to calm my nervous system down.

Here's an example of what the images and descriptions look like:

If you're unsure which techniques are the most important ones for you or your children just ask me (don't ask your partner they'll probably say you need all of them!)

They're $17.50 and are in stock at the McLaren Vale clinic. If you come to Blackwood let me know in advance so I can bring one with me. If you don't have an appointment soon but would like a booklet just let me know and you can collect it from either clinic.

P.S. It's great to get kids into a routine of doing these before school when they're at primary school. That way they automatically take them into high school without thinking about it.

Happy stress releasing!

Carla :)



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