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  • Carla Evans

Trust no-one

Hi everyone,

The past couple of years have brought up many questions for all of us. A big one has been trust. Who do I trust? What information do I trust? There are no straight forward answers to these questions but if we can step back a little we start to see things more clearly.

There is no-one to trust. There is no-thing to trust. There is universal energy, the vital force that is the fundamental basis of all life, the chi, the prana, intuition, the electromagnetic field, the name doesn't matter. What does matter is our ability to feel it, know it, tune into it. This is our best guide, this we can trust.

We can gather information by listening to others' knowledge, reading statistics and observing the world around us. And then, we can take all that information deep within us, into the stream of universal energy constantly flowing through and around us and we can allow the truth, our truth, to bubble up to the surface. It floats there so clearly and obviously that you say to yourself "yes, of course!" and you feel calm, connected, curious and sure.

Whoa, I hear you say (if you've even read this far). She's really gone off on one now! But...I think you kinda, sorta, know what I'm getting at. You've had a taste of this type of knowing, this type of truth at some stage - even if it was fleeting and you didn't act on it.

So, if this level of truth is not currently your daily experience and let's face it, some days the external noise and goings on around us is pretty relentless - what do we do? Well, you may not like the answer...but...practice makes perfect.

Example one:

I was getting organised to take Gypsy to the beach for a walk (yes she's still gorgeous!). Treats - tick, poo bags - tick, towel - tick, harness - tick, lead - tick and I walked past her travel drink bottle. The thought was "no I don't need that - there is a dog water bowl at the beach". The feeling was "take it". So I did. We finished our walk, got to the water bowl at the beach and it was filled with sand and because it was one of those tippy up bowls that only flip to a certain angle I couldn't get much of the sand out easily. No worries, we had her travel drink bottle. Intuition - tick!

Example two:

We stayed in Clare for a couple of nights on our way back from Arkaroola recently. We had driven past the Clare Valley Art Gallery a few times as it was close to where we were staying and I kept feeling drawn to it even though art galleries aren't usually my thing. The thought was "maybe there will be some nice gifts in there to send to family overseas" and the feeling was "make sure you go". Result - we walked in and within 30mins had bought a beautiful painting - the gallery owner used to live in Alice Springs and still has strong connections to many Australian Aboriginal artists who come down to Clare and create art for his gallery. It's perfect for a spot on the living room wall which has been blank for ages. Universal wisdom - tick!

Artist - Janet Golder Kngwarreye

It's these seemingly insignificant intuitions that gradually give us confidence to trust in the wisdom of the universal energy.

So, next time you're feeling confused and don't know who or what to trust, gather information from different sources, take it inwards and see what bubbles up as your truth.

Happy trusting!

Carla :)

P.S. Want to re-read a previous email but have deleted it? (accidentally of course!) Not to fear - all previous emails are available on the website blog or facebook.



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