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  • Carla Evans this is a bit scary

I've been meaning to do this for a while but always find a reason to put it off.  I'm asking for your help which is something that doesn't come naturally to me and is a skill I'm still practicing!  

I would like to add a testimonial/review page to the website to help give new clients an idea of what to expect in a Kinesiology session or Pilates class.   If you would like to help I would be very grateful, it only needs to be a couple of sentences and may be about any part of your experience when we work together e.g.

"Kinesiology/Pilates has helped me with..."

"I have learned...with Kinesiology/Pilates"

"I find Carla's approach..."

Think back to before you started working with me - what would have been helpful to know or what would have been reassuring to hear as a potential new client.

Click here to email me with your testimonial.

Many thanks in advance :)

On another note, I have now received my boxes of all the individual Australian Bush Flower Essences yay!

There are 69 individual essences so now I can tailor make an essence specifically for you.  A huge benefit I see with the Bush Flower Essences is that they can help to continue the work we do in a Kinesiology session between appointments.  Because they work on an energetic level they can help to clear emotional and physical issues - just like Kinesiology - they are perfect partners :)

The Bush Flowers are also good for animals so I'm happy to chat with you about any issues your pets are having too!

Happy wintering!

Carla :)



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