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  • Carla Evans

What are your nails telling you?

Hi everyone,

Even though they are relatively low in importance compared to our internal organs, our nails and hair can tell us a lot about what might be happening inside the body. They are like little windows to the inside.

White spots on the nails is something I am prone to and the most effective remedy I have found for it is Colloidal Minerals. To reaffirm this for myself, I ran out of them about 6 weeks ago and sure enough I've now got a white spot on my thumbnail so have just restarted taking them. Sometimes we don't realise a supplement is working until we stop taking it! I also find that I have less hair falling out while taking them.

Why do I think colloidal minerals work for me?

Colloidal minerals are a liquid mineral tonic derived from peat (ancient vegetation). They contain all the mineral and trace elements we need in a low, balanced dose. They are really easily absorbed due to a small particle size so fantastic for anyone with a digestive issues. I think these are the two keys for me - balanced mineral blend from nature and easily absorbed.

As well as being beneficial for people with digestive issues, there is an argument that everyone could benefit from colloidal minerals. The reason being that Australian soils are quite depleted in minerals due to farming methods. We are totally reliant on our food for minerals as we cannot manufacture them in the body like some of our vitamins. If the soil is depleted in the mineral, the plants growing in the soil will be too.

Are there specific minerals linked with white spots on the nails?

Calcium (fluoride and phosphate), zinc and silica are the minerals most commonly linked with white spots on your nails so another great remedy to try is the Martin & Pleasance Tissue Salt - Combination U - Calcium Absorption - this contains calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate and silica. Because they are tissue salts, they are absorbed under the tongue so no need for digestion. I usually have these in stock or they are available at many health food stores and pharmacies as well as online.

Zinc supplementation with zinc glycinate, zinc citrate or zinc picolinate equivalent to 25-30mg elemental zinc per day is another option to try or could be used in conjunction with the tissue salt. Please get a high quality zinc supplement - if you're in a health food store or pharmacy, ask for a practitioner brand with the above forms of zinc. Let me know if you have any questions.

The Changing Habits brand of Colloidal Minerals is the one I use as I very much trust the rigour of their quality control, extraction methods and minimal processing. I have some of these in stock at the moment or you can buy them online.

As always, if you are unsure which might be the best option for you, let me know and we can talk it through :)

Happy mineralising!

Carla :)

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