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Would you like to learn more about Kinesiology?

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Hi everyone,

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about Kinesiology - here is your chance! My amazing teacher Christine Ammann has released the dates for next year's intake of Kinesiology students. Chris has that rare ability to engage students with creativity PLUS provide quality structure and framework to a course. As a student this means you are learning fascinating information and how to implement it in the practical setting with real people.

I've copied Chris's email below so you have all the info plus her contact details - she is always happy to have a chat but her phone and internet reception is dodgy at the moment as she is off grid in Western Australia seeing some amazing sights. If you leave her a message she will get back in touch as soon as she can. In the meantime have a read and please pass it on to anyone who may be interested so we can share and grow the amazing modality of Kinesiology!

Without further ado...

Howdy Everyone!

Hope you are all well and staying out of trouble 😊

I've got some exciting news for those of you that have been waiting patiently to join the next DK Practitioner Training Program.

This information will go up on my website in the next couple of days, but I wanted to give everyone already on the database a Heads-Up 😉

The dates for next year's intake are now finalised and the good news is that you don't have to wait much longer, as we will start the next intake early February 2024.

This practitioner training program will only be held every second year and places are strictly limited to ensure a small class size and effective training.

If you have been thinking of studying Kinesiology and want to join this exciting profession, be your own boss and work your own hours, here is your chance 😊

Check out the 2024 dates below, plan ahead, secure your spot now and take advantage of the great Early Bird Payment option for the 2024 Intake (a massive saving of $630). Places are reserved only upon receipt of deposit (please scroll down to find payment options)

Whether you just want to learn more about Kinesiology,

Discover how to help your family & friends,

Improve your own health


Become a Kinesiology Practitioner -

The Choice is Yours!

The whole training program takes about 18 months all up, however you can register with the AKA as a Level 4 Kinesiology Practitioner and start practising after approximately 15 months, whilst you continue to finish off your final supervision and mentor hours required to maintain your initial AKA registration.

This unique training combines lots of fascinating Kinesiology techniques, aspects of NLP, Bowen & Craniosacral Therapy as well as many other amazing techniques such as Meridians, Chakras, Flower Essences, Primitive & Postural Reflexes, Ancient Centering Systems plus Anatomy, Physiology, Communication and Nutrition knowledge and more!

Together with Supervised Clinic and lots of ongoing Mentoring this unique training will provide you with a solid and rounded education to join this amazing and growing profession in the field of Complementary Medicine.​

2024 Seminar Dates:

Seminars 1-4 (DKE Module 1-4) held Thursday to Saturday 9-6pm):

Seminar 1: 1 – 3 Feb 2024

Seminar 2: 22 – 24 Feb 2024

Seminar 3: 14-16 March 2024

Seminar 4: 4-6 April 2024

DKE Assessment: 31 October 2024

Seminars 5-10 (DKP Module 1-6) held Thursday to Saturday 9-6pm):

Seminar 5: 2-4 May 2024

Seminar 6: 23-25 May 2024

Seminar 7: 6-8 June 2024

DKP Assessment 1: 7 Nov 2024

Seminar 8: 28-30 Nov 2024

Seminar 9: TBA…Jan/Feb 2025

Seminar 10: TBA... Feb/March 2025

DKP Assessment 2: TBA… April 2025


Group mentoring - spread over the course of your training:

Face to Face delivery, 9am - 5.30pm:

General Mentor Day 1... Thursday 24 Oct 2024

General Mentor Day 2 ... TBA…. Oct 2025

Online Mentoring in between seminars:

Held Tuesdays from 4pm to 6 or 7pm, depending on class size:

Tuesday 13 Feb 2024

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Tuesday 20 Aug 2024

Tuesday 17 Sep 2024

Tuesday 10 December 2024

Tuesday … TBA…Jan/Feb 2025

Tuesday … TBA…Feb/Mar 2025


3 Days of Supervised Clinic (SVC) held online

Those full days (held either Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays) will be held in 2025 and will be decided together with the group.


Option 1: (Early Bird Saving of $630)

1st Payment: $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot

2nd Payment: $9500 due 30/11/2023

(incl Seminars, Assessments & Mentoring)

3rd Payment: $1140 due 1/11/24

(incl SVC & General Mentor Day held in 2025)

Option 2: (Full Price)

1st Payment: $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot

2nd Payment: $10130 due before 30/11/2023

(incl Seminars, Assessments & Mentoring)

3rd Payment: $1140 due 1/11/24

(incl SVC & General Mentor Day held in 2025)


Payment can be done via EFT, direct bank deposit (at any ANZ branch or Post Office), Money Order (Post Office) or by Cheque. Please use your name as reference and email receipt.

To secure your spot please confirm availability and forward the following:

Proof of payment (receipt number) for $1000 non-refundable deposit plus

Contact details including:

- Your full name

- Your full address

- Your phone and private email contact details

- Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number

Bank details are:

Dynamic Kinesiology Centre

BSB 015 220

Account Number: 180 969 512 (Please use your name as reference)

Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable

Full refund will be given for any seminars cancelled by the facilitator

No refund is payable for withdrawal after study has commenced. However in cases of special circumstances* preventing completion of the units of study the student can apply to have the unused portion of fees refunded

*Special circumstances are those that are beyond the student’s control

The complete information about the seminar content is always available on my website and the updated dates and costs for the 2024 intake will be published on the website in the next few days, as mentioned above I wanted to give you a little Heads-Up.

Should you be interested in exploring this wonderful modality, learn exciting techniques to help heal yourself, your family and friends plus the option to work in this absolutely amazing profession (not that I'm biased at all 😉) ... Don't miss out by waiting - secure your spot now!

As some of you might already be aware I am currently travelling interstate and mostly off the grid and have absolutely terrible internet and phone reception at the moment… got to love technology when it works lol 😉

I will be in and out of range for another few weeks but wanted to get these dates out to you asap.

If you would like to chat in more detail please leave a message (0403 815 622) or send me an email ( with your phone number and I’ll call you back as soon as I can, otherwise feel free to forward any questions via email.

Think this covers it for the moment.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested, thank you.

I wish you all a wonderful week and look forward hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Chris 😊

Christine Ammann

Registered Specialised Kinesiologist

Dip Kin, Adv Dip Bowen, Kin Instructor, NLP Practitioner

0403 815 622

Happy Kinesiologying!

Carla :)

P.S. Want to re-read a previous email but have deleted it? (accidentally of course!) Not to fear - all previous emails are available on the website blog or facebook.

P.P.S. Online bookings are available for current clients.



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