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  • Carla Evans

You know you're tired when...

Hi everyone,

You know you're tired when're on a morning walk, your eyes close to help you tune into your body and the next thing you know you're being woken up by a leaf falling on your face! Can you fall asleep while walking? I don't know but it sure felt like it!

I would love to hear your "you know you're tired when..." story.

So yes, I was tired yesterday but all for a good reason - I'd been on the second craniosacral therapy (CST) course. It was a fantastic four days of theory, hands on learning and experiencing receiving the therapy. We delved deeper into the sphenoid bone (see images below) which many of you are already familiar with, we learned how to work with more facial bones including mouth work and we learned different techniques for finding out where energy blockages are being held in the body tissues and organs and how to work with them. There was a lot for the brain and the body to integrate - hence the momentary lapse of consciousness while walking!

Apart from the initial tiredness I'm also feeling a shift in the position of my lower jaw, some rearranging of my spine and pelvis and calming of my nervous system. It's such beautiful, gentle work but can create massive shifts.

I look forward to using the new techniques with you all soon and helping to create shifts in your bodies and lives too.

This will be the last email for the year so have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, ensure you have plenty of laughs and lots of delicious food.

Thank you for being such wonderful clients. I know I keep saying it but I continue to learn from you all which helps to deepen the work for everyone. I look forward to continuing this with you next year.

And let's finish with another Christmas joke:

What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney? Claus-trophobia!

Happy Christmassing!

Carla :)

P.S. Here are some images of the sphenoid bone - I think it looks like a bat!

1 2 3

  1. Sphenoid bone on it's own - looking at it from the front

  2. Sphenoid bone (blue) in the skull with some of the right hand facial bones removed

  3. Same as 2. but with the head turned on a slight angle



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