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  • Carla Evans

Can't eat dairy? Herbs to keep my bones strong.

Herbs for calcium

A quick search online in the medical journals and in the general information finds just as many arguments for eating dairy as there are against. I won't get into that debate here but if for some reason you cannot eat dairy or don't want to eat dairy there are PLENTY of foods that are great sources of calcium as well as the many other minerals we need for bone health.

Did you know that there are many herbs rich in calcium? It's something we don't often stop to think about but herbs and spices really are nature's own vitamin and mineral pills. Basil, marjoram, thyme, dill & coriander are just some of the herbs high in calcium, click here for the full list. And it's so nice to have fresh herbs at home - maybe you could grow some in a pot even if you're no green thumb like me (that's hubby's job!)

Here are a few of my other favourite high calcium foods and attached is the full list:

Vegetables: yes, you guessed it, greens!! Spinach, broccoli, watercress & cucumber.

Fruits: dried figs, dried apricots (look for sulphur-free), kiwifruit.

Legumes: white beans e.g. cannelini, tofu, tempeh

Nuts & Seeds: poppy seeds, sesame seeds including tahini, almonds, brazil nuts

Herbs: basil, marjoram, thyme, dill

Grains: brown rice, oats, amaranth

Animal protein: many fish - whitebait, haddock, mussels, plaice

Other: my personal favourite...cacao which means chocolate!! Well good quality dark chocolate anyway yay!

So basil up your next dinner and finish with a herb tea with fennel (great for digestion too) and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and you're onto a winner for your bones!


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