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  • Carla Evans

A bit of local deliciousness

Hi everyone,

After a lot of positive feedback from the email about eating and drinking our way around Port Elliot I thought it worthwhile to continue the theme every so often...and where better to start than my own backyard - McLaren Vale.  We are a bit spoilt here with the quality of food and drink on offer, not to mention the scenery.

On Saturday night we had a friend over for dinner and although I usually make homemade pizzas we treated ourselves and ordered takeaways from Pizzatecca.  I wasn't game to eat in as the restaurant is quite open air downstairs and it was a bit chilly overnight on the weekend - well you know what I'm like with my cold lizard blood!  I delegated the ordering to hubby - I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall when he ordered me a gluten-free, vegan pizza with no garlic.  I'm imagining a lot of eye rolling and mutterings of " do realise this is an Italian Pizzeria of which the staples are wheat, cheese and garlic?!"  Ah well, nothing like a challenge I say.  And they certainly rose to the task - the gluten-free base was actually pretty good (they can be cardboard-like at some places), and it was topped with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, capsicum and capers - delish.  Hubby had the salami pizza and very much enjoyed it - not too much chilli either.  And of course I made salad to go with it - had to have some greens from the garden - lettuce, baby spinach and nasturtium...mmm.  All topped off very nicely by a bottle of Montepulciano from Alpha Box & Dice - a local winery with cellar door but we bought it from Pizzatecca.  Overall, a simple but awesome dinner, thank you McLaren Vale.

Ooh and the bonuses if you do eat in?  Great atmosphere, complimentary Limoncello after dinner and you may even learn a bit of Italian when you go to the toilet!

Happy Carla-Approved pizza munching,

Carla :)

P.S.  If you want takeaways, phone about an hour in advance.

P.P.S.  One pizza was enough for me for dinner and 2 slices left for lunch the next day.

P.P.P.S.  If you want to make your own pizzas check out the Quirky Cooking recipes from Jo.  Here is the one I use with spelt flour (I use all white spelt flour and do my own toppings, I get 4 bases out of this recipe).  She also has a gluten-free one that I haven't tried yet.



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