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  • Carla Evans

A heartwarming video

Hi everyone,

Ooh it was so nice to have the beautiful, warm sunshine on the weekend, Spring is nearly here! Although as I'm writing this it's pouring with rain again! To put a bit of spring in your step I'm sharing a heartwarming video about CranioSacral Therapy and... dolphins. Yes you read that right, dolphins. I always get goosebumps when I see dolphins in the wild. There is something magical and powerful about their energy and grace.

Dr. John Upledger (Osteopath) created CranioSacral Therapy. In 1996 he initiated a pilot project designed to investigate the effects of CranioSacral Therapy applied in an aquatic environment in which dolphins were present. This program continues today, sponsored by the Upledger Institute in the Bahamas. In this wonderful documentary, TOUCH, you can follow the remarkable journey of people participating in the dolphin-assisted therapy program.

It's an easy to watch, 30min video and is a beautiful reminder of how people, animals and nature are all connected via our electromagnetic fields. It shows just how powerful this gentle, non-invasive therapy can be and it made me look forward to the warmer weather so I can float in the ocean again!

With gratitude to Dr. Upledger for his contribution to the health and wellbeing of so many people.

Happy viewing!

Carla :)

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