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  • Carla Evans

A spider's web of fascia

Hi everyone,

It's always great to hear how other people describe things. Different words and different visual images can really make information click in a way it hasn't before. Listening to this podcast with Kelly Kennedy and Dr. Anne Hill about craniosacral therapy (CST) was a good example of this. The analogy of a spider web was used to describe the fascia (connective tissue). As soon as something touches one edge of a spider's web, the spider will feel it even if they are right over the other side. So it is with fascia. When there is an injury to one part of the body the interconnectedness of the fascial system means the whole body will sense it. If there is a restriction like scar tissue at your right hip, your left shoulder may be affected. A restriction like a tongue tie can affect all the way down to your hips and feet.

This podcast nicely describes the links between the nervous systems, craniosacral system and fascia. They also discuss the impact of unprocessed emotions on these physical systems and how using manual therapies like CST can help the body release and unwind emotional blockages.

I'm so grateful I discovered CST - it's a technique I use frequently in Kinesiology sessions and is so gentle yet so very powerful.

Happy listening!

Carla :)



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