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  • Carla Evans

B is for...

Hi everyone,

Carrying on from our theme last time and using the Collective Elements Philosophy, B is for...


Let’s be realistic, no matter how healthily we strive to live there are multiple stressors in our daily lives that can throw the body out of balance. If we are aware of them and how our body reacts to them, we can address them as soon as possible to prevent ongoing imbalances leading to chronic disease.Balance is a word that gets thrown around a lot.  

We are supposed to eat a balanced diet and live a balanced lifestyle in order to have good health.  For many people balance = boring or balance = perfect balance = stress because that's impossible.

So we come back to A for Awareness.  It's about being aware of what throws you out of balance the most and this will be different for everyone.  For example, sleep is my number one - if I don't sleep well I get tired very easily and then I can't be bothered cooking properly or exercising or meditating.  For other people it might be exercise - if they can't get out and do their run they just feel blah and everything else follows.  For others it might be meditation - because that gets them back to their centre and then they can cope with the world.  And for others still it might be socialising with friends, spending time alone, singing, dancing, gardening, eating get the picture.  

So what throws you out of balance if you don't have enough of it and what throws you out of balance if you have too much of it?

On another level, sometimes life brings massive big stressors to our door that knock us off our feet completely.  Severe illness, relationship breakdowns, car accidents, natural disasters, any form of loss.  These types of events and traumas can knock us right off balance so it feels impossible to get back to our centre.  This is when we might need help and support from family, friends and health care practitioners.

I like the pendulum analogy here, imagine a pendulum just having a small swing - it's easy for it to gradually slow down and come back to centre.When the pendulum gets pushed into a big swing, it swings more wildly going from one extreme to the other, it takes a lot longer to slow down and sometimes it feels like it gets stuck out to one side and needs some external help to remind it where centre is.

Over the years, many clients have said that they've been in a state of unhealthy stress for so long they don't even know what balance or being centred would feel like.  This has usually been either to living with chronic illness; overwhelm with the relentlessness of daily life; and/or feeling stuck in belief and behaviour patterns that are no longer serving them.  When we're in this state it feels impossible to even work out where to start to help ourselves.  This is what I love about Kinesiology - with the muscle monitoring we can ask the nervous system directly what it needs to work on first to start to bring itself back to balance and flow.  The body knows!  There's a good reason a Kinesiology session is often referred to as a Kinesiology balance!

Happy balancing!

Carla :)

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