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  • Carla Evans

Bone health - Calcium or Magnesium?

Healthy skeleton, bone health.
Healthy Skeleton. Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

Hi everyone, Firstly, following on from last week's Berry Ice-cream recipe, I had a great idea from a client about making your own icey poles using the moulds you can buy.  She bought a whole lot of mangoes and strawberries from the local market, pureed them up separately and then filled half the mould with mango puree as it's heavier, then the second half with strawberry puree as it's a bit runnier and sits on top nicely, then finishes with a slice of kiwifruit before putting the icey pole stick in.  So you end up with a beautifully coloured and pure fruit icey pole for our hot days (not so much today!)  Thank you Aurelia! Onto todays info.  I've written an article for our Kinesiology magazine about bone health and whether we should be focusing on calcium or magnesium or both.  Like the articles I've shared previously, it is written for Kinesiologists but it's easy to read and will hopefully give you something to think about.  I've addressed the separate issues for people who eat dairy and those who don't.  Read it here... The highlights are:

  • Magnesium is important for activating Vitamin D which is essential for bone health.

  • If you eat dairy, focus on eating foods high in magnesium to balance out the calcium.

  • If you don't eat dairy, focus on eating plant foods high in calcium and you will likely get a high amount of magnesium too.

For an example of a daily intake read the article... And of course, sunlight and exercise are vital for bone health.  Ensure you are doing some weight bearing or muscle strengthening exercise 3 days a week e.g. walking, resistance training with weights, dancing, rock climbing. Happy healthy bones, Carla :)



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