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  • Carla Evans

Can you recommend a healthcare practitioner?

Listening to the Hay House Heal Summit this week has been really interesting and a couple of the key messages that came through from multiple speakers are worth sharing.  

Quick note for skim readers: If you don't want to read all of this but have a healthcare practitioner you would like to recommend so I can share it with everyone please scroll to the bottom of the blog to send an email to me with the relevant information :)

Key message 1: No matter what your health issue is you need to treat yourself as an individual.  Even if two people have the exact same issue or diagnosis you may benefit from different types of treatment.  This is because we are all at different stages - we have different biochemistry, we have different emotional traumas that may be stuck in the body, we have different structural issues and we have different levels of sensitivities to medications / supplements / herbs / electromagnetic frequencies and so on.  So explore different possible treatments and therapies and then tune into your intuition and choose what is right for you.

Key message 2: It is likely to take a combination of treatments and therapies to really properly heal a health issue.  Look at all the elements of health because they are all linked: Structural health e.g. muscle balance, spinal alignment, scar tissue... Biochemical health e.g. hormones, digestion, food, environmental chemical exposure... Emotional & mental health e.g. anxiety, phobias, past traumas, grief ... Neurological health e.g. learning disorders, retained primitive reflexes, gut-brain integration  Spiritual or Energetic health e.g. chakras, meridians, aura - basically the electromagnetic field that flows around and through the body needs to be healthy for the physical body to be healthy.

These are not separate issues, they all affect one another.  For example let's take asthma.  In Kinesiology the lung meridian is linked with some of the shoulder muscles and the diaphragm; the emotions of grief, guilt and regret; and the vertebrae T2,3,4 and T12.  The lung meridian is also closely linked with the large intestine meridian.  

So if there is chronic poor posture creating a stoop (excessive kyphosis) or a lot of tension in the upper back it can affect the ability of the lungs to function optimally resulting in worsened asthma or reduced oxygenation which affects all the cells in the body and their ability to metabolise nutrients effectively.   This could also affect how well the body can process grief allowing it to get stuck in the body rather than being able to pass through appropriately.

So to improve asthma you may benefit from seeing an Exercise Physiologist or Pilates instructor for exercises to help with your shoulders and posture.  You might see a Counsellor or Psychologist to help work through the grief from a death in a the family you've never really dealt with but just pushed under the surface.  You might see a Chiropractor or Osteopath to check your spinal alignment and ensure the nerve flow to the lungs is optimal.  You might start using a breathing technique or try Yoga to help the diaphragm start moving properly.  You might see a Dietitian, Nutritionist or Naturopath to discuss foods that can help the large intestine and the lungs.  You might start meditation to help tune into your energy field or see an Acupuncturist or Reiki practitioner.  You may need to see your GP or respiratory specialist for medication to help you manage the asthma while you address all the underlying issues.  I could go on but I think you get the idea!

I realise that might all sound like a lot of work!  It will depend on how severe your health issue is but if you have time on your side I suggest starting with one element.  Find a good practitioner that can help you with it and can give you home support techniques to do.  Once you are noticing changes and the home support has become an easy habit to maintain move onto the next element.  This doesn't mean you necessarily stop seeing the first practitioner but you may need to see them less often allowing you the time (and money!) to see a new practitioner for a different element.  Often if you take care of three elements, the body starts to build some momentum and the other two may start to shift of their own accord.

Can you recommend a healthcare practitioner in South Australia? On this note, I have started compiling a list of healthcare practitioners with whom either I've had a good experience or a client has had a good experience.  I would love your help to expand this list and then I can send it out to everyone.  Any type of healthcare practitioner is useful e.g. Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, GP, Specialist, Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Tai Chi teacher, Reiki practitioner, Meditation teacher, Kinesiologist, Homeopath, Naturopath, Bowen Therapist, Speech Therapist, Dietitian, OT, Psychologist etc.

Click here to send me an email Information needed:

Practitioner name: Business name: Business address if known: Phone number: Email/Website: Brief reason you like them: e.g. great bedside manner, explained things very well, knew their stuff, approachable - felt I could ask questions, really worked for my shoulder problem.

If you can email them through by Sunday 3rd November I can compile them and send them out by next Tuesday.

Thank you so much!

Have a happy, sunny week, Carla :)



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