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  • Carla Evans

Delicious & Satisfying Autumn Soups

What amazing Autumn weather we are having and it's great to see so many people out enjoying it when I'm out walking.  I'm also enjoying lighting the fire - started last night, so cosy!

Today I've been a bit lazy and have turned to my friend and colleague Tansy for some recipe inspiration. She is wonderfully creative with recipes but also down to earth and doesn't use weird and wonderful ingredients.  Tansy's recipes are also great at giving options and alternatives incase you've run out of an ingredient.  And I love them because Tansy and I share very similar nutritional philosophies so I know I can share them with you directly - I don't have to go through each recipe and make tweaks like I do with most recipes!

For 10 delicious, warming, heartening soup recipes Click here for A Hug in a Bowl pdf

Happy soupy slurping!

Carla :)



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