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  • Carla Evans

Do you need a spring clean?

Does your body feel like it needs a bit of a spring clean?!

As I'm writing this it is still feeling quite wintry, windy and wet ...but... Spring is on it's way so it's a great time to have a spring clean of both our homes and our bodies.  

Lara Kitchener (Naturopath) from my favourite health food store, The Organic Store Mclaren Vale is running a Gut Repair & Detox starting on 1st September. It's a great chance to reset your nutrition and focus on some gut healing which many of us need to do regularly.  This would be beneficial if you have an autoimmune disease, digestive problems, anxiety or depression, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar regulation issues, any inflammatory conditions such as arthritis...I could go on!  I think you know who you are :)  This is not a rigid protocol, more of a guide which you can use in the best way for you.

There are three parts to the protocol:

1.  Nutrition - see the attached protocol provided by Lara

2.  Supplements - primarily a gut repair formula and a liver tonic provided by Lara or of your own choosing

3.  Meridian clearing - see the video I made  Handy hint - the exercises start at 4mins so fast forward if you don't want any waffle!

Hmmm....ok I would probably benefit from this but how long do I have to do it for?

Ideally it's recommended to do the protocol for 4 weeks but this may need to be adjusted if you have special events coming up - we understand that life happens :)

How do I get the supplements?

Either pop into the Organic Store McLaren Vale and chat with Lara or phone her on 0423 627 005.  She is very easy to talk with and will be able to help tailor the supplements to your individual needs as it's not always a one size fits all approach.  Make sure you let Lara know what supplements and medications you are already on.  If you don't live near McLaren Vale, Lara can easily post the supplements to you.

How often do I have to do the videos?

Minimum of 3 times per week but you can do them every day if that makes it easier to get into the habit :)

Who do I ask if I have questions during the protocol?

As I'm on leave from 27th Aug - 11th September, Lara is happy to answer your questions for the first couple of weeks.  Once I'm back I'll be able to support you through it also :)

There will be a private Facebook group which you can join where you can also ask questions, share recipes and generally create a beautiful supportive environment for each other.  It's much easier to do a protocol like this when you know others are going through it too!

Here's everything you need:

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Carla :)



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