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  • Carla Evans

E is for...

Hi everyone,

We are onto my favourite letter of the ABC's of the Collective Elements Health Philosophy...E for Energy!


We all want more energy. Yet according to the first law of thermodynamics Everything Is Energy.  Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it simply changes from one form to another.  Learn how to nourish your body with foods that are easily digested, metabolised, assimilated and eliminated creating optimal energy transfer.

So what kinds of energy are we focusing on, surrounding ourselves with, and putting into our bodies?I like to think about food in this way - how has the energy of the food we eat been affected by:

  • how freshly picked it is

  • if it's been cooked with love and gratitude vs being cooked when we're in a bad mood

  • pesticides or other chemicals while being grown and/or processed

  • how the animal been has lived it life and how it has died

And then of course, what state of energy are we in when we're eating it?  

We can also be aware of what energy we surround ourselves by where we have choice.  For example, what are watching on TV or listening to via podcasts, radio, music and audiobooks and how does that energy affect us?  I'm sure we've all experienced how a song we love can put us in a good mood - well the opposite can happen too - with any kind of media...including social media of course.  What kind of things are we focusing on with social media?  How do they make us feel?  Is that how we want to feel?  We can have a lot of choice with this.

How about the people we surround ourselves with?  How is their mood and behaviour affecting us energetically?  A good example of this is if you live with someone who you feel you have to walk on eggshells around.  This could be because they have a mental health issue such as alcohol addiction or depression or a child with a behavioural issue or even just someone who is really stressed with their work at the moment.  Walking on eggshells around people leaves us in a constant state of anticipation which is akin to the fight/flight response - you're just waiting for the next...  The nervous system doesn't cope with this long-term and your health will eventually suffer on some level.  So be mindful of who you are around and if you don't know what to do about it, please please ask for help - from a friend, family member or professional.  

And although I could go on and on, I know you need to (and want to of course) get back to work so lastly, what about the energy of our thoughts and beliefs?  YES, thoughts and words have their own energy frequencies.  Becoming aware of our recurring thoughts, stories and beliefs is fundamental in shifting our own energy.  (remember our A was for awareness).  Alot of this is happening subconsiously so you may need someone to help you work it out but you can start with the intention to be more aware of your thoughts.  Then you can start to catch the unhelpful ones and reframe them.  I can't remember where I read or heard this but it's stuck with me:

"We are not responsible for the thoughts that pop into our minds, but we are responsible for how long they stay there."

Ok, I'm off to get some beautiful energy in the way of cuddles from my dog, Gypsy!

Happy energising!

Carla :)

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