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  • Carla Evans

Feeling drained by other people?

Hi everyone,

A really useful and important tool that I have shared with some of you recently is "White Lighting" for energy protection.  This is something I have done since I was a child (thanks mum!) and something I continue to use every day.

White lighting is a technique where we visualise a field or bubble of white light completely around ourselves, including above our head and below our feet about arms length away from the body.  As we visualise this bubble of white light we set the intention that it is there to protect us from negative or chaotic energy from other people and other sources of unhelpful electromagnetic energy such as computers and mobile phone towers.  As I visualise it I say to myself"I surround myself with the pure white light of love*, into which nothing negative can enter and out of which only good can come".  

*substitute love with the universe, sun, God, Christ, Buddha, source, higher consciousness - whatever word works for you.

Ummm....ok....we know you are a bit weird at times Carla but how on earth can a light that we are only imagining protect us from energy that we can't see?!

A bit weird?  Hubby would say very weird!  Either way I'll take it as a compliment!  Let's break that question down into two parts.  

Part one - how can imagining/visualising something do anything? 

Well, visualisation is quite amazing.  It has been used in sports and music for a long time as a training tool.  The crux of it is, when we visualise something, especially in the first person, our nervous system thinks it is actually happening and responds accordingly, making the neural connections it would make if we were physically practicing the task.  I used this a lot for gymnastics, we would visualise our routines as part of our training and pre-competition.  It was even better when we used other senses, e.g. listened to the music for the routine with headphones and visualised ourselves doing the routine at the same time.

With any type of visualisation or mental rehearsal using all the senses helps.  Try this simple exercise now:

  • imagine yourself in your favourite place in nature e.g. beach, forest, backyard

  • what can you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?  Take a couple of minutes to really bring your senses into it.

Hopefully you could really feel yourself there.  The more senses you bring in, the more the nervous system fires up the circuitry and the more you feel you're actually there.  When we are visualising white light we are tuning into our electromagnetic field which leads us to...

Part two:  Why are we visualising white light?

We are all emitting electromagnetic energy all the time.  The simplest way to think about it is going back to high school science.  Our nervous system is electrical, and therefore as it flows, it sets up a magnetic field around it.  The mutual interaction of an electric and magnetic field is called an electromagnetic field.  The shape of the electromagnetic field around humans is called a torus:

When we are visualising white light around ourselves we are focusing on and strengthening the electromagnetic field that is already there, making it more coherent.  The more coherent our electromagnetic energy field is, the less likely we are to be affected by chaotic electromagnetic fields of other people.  Our electromagnetic fields become more chaotic when we are physically, emotionally or mentally unwell / unbalanced / stressed.  You can see on the image above how our fields overlap when we are with people.  This helps us to feel what others' are feeling which helps us have empathy and compassion.  However, if theirs is a chaotic energy pattern, we don't want it to infiltrate our core energy, therefore we need to practice strengthening our electromagnetic field and white lighting is one way of doing that.

Why white light, not coloured light?

I use white light as it's made up of all the visible light frequencies.  But you can choose whichever colour feels right to you.  It might be golden light, pink, or any other colour and it could change from day to day depending on what you need.  Let your imagination and intuition guide you :)

When & how often do I need to white light myself?

I use it at the start of every day and then again in between clients due to the nature of my work - clients are coming to see me with physical, mental or emotional issues to work on.  The more you practice it the quicker and more automatic it will become so you can then use it in the moment e.g. you are having a coffee with someone and start to feel your energy draining - white light yourself right then and there.  Other situations:

  • Visiting people who are sick, especially if they are in hospital

  • Being in large groups of people e.g. shopping mall, concert, exercise class

  • Teaching a class or speaking to a group of people

  • Working with physically, mentally or emotionally unwell people

  • Living with physically, mentally or emotionally unwell people

Does white lighting myself mean I'm totally disconnected from others?

No.  I have asked myself this as it's important with my work that I can feel what's happening in someone's energy field and physical body in order to be able to help them.  When we white light ourselves we are strengthening / making more coherent our own electromagnetic field.  We are not completely stopping the interaction of our energy field with another persons but we are stopping/minimising the impact of any chaotic energy infiltrating our field so much that it impacts our physical/mental/emotional body.

Does white lighting myself disconnect me from the universal energy or earth energy?

No.  Universal energy can still come down through the top of the field through the crown chakra into the body and down into the earth.  Earth energy still rises up through the feet and tailbone and into the body.  That's the beauty of it.

How can I teach my children to white light themselves?

Children usually have fantastic imaginations so find it quite easy.  Use an image they can relate to such as:

  • imagine you are inside a golden egg

  • imagine you are blowing bubbles and one of them is big enough you can step right inside it and it's shimmering with all different colours

  • imagine the warming golden sun surrounding your body in it's light. 

n.b. children usually like to choose their own colour!

Jeepers that's a lot of information - summary please!

1.  Pick an image that works for you - the white light of a flame, light from the sun, a bubble etc.

2.  Let it be whatever colour it wants to be.

3.  Say silently or aloud "I surround myself with the pure white light of love, into which nothing negative can enter and out of which only good can come."  Or come up with your own statement of intent.

4.  Use it at the start of the day as a preventative.  

5.  Use it whenever you start to feel your energy drain or someone else's energy infiltrating you.

Happy white lighting!

Carla :)



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