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  • Carla Evans

Finally...a decent veggie burger!

Hi everyone,

As many of you know I eat a vegetarian diet and a great staple for a vegetarian diet is a good burger pattie recipe as you can use them in many situations when others are eating a meat and vegetables/salad type of meal. My issues with the many burger recipes I've tried in the past are:

  • they don't hold together properly and crumble when being cooked or eaten

  • they have breadcrumbs in them (I'm best wheat-free)

  • they don't have a decent amount of protein in them

  • they have to be fried

  • lack of flavour

It's a good thing I'm not picky!

So I was quietly hopeful when I found Dr Greger's Black Bean Burger recipe. Not only are the ingredients flavourful and healthy, it's actually really easy to make as long as you have a food processor. It makes 4 nice big patties which are baked in the oven. It's completely plant-based too - uses flaxseed meal instead of egg to hold it all together. There's no flour or breadcrumbs but there are rolled oats - so if you have Coeliac disease or eat a completely gluten-free diet you may need to substitute - my first thought would be to try quinoa flakes.

If I had one gripe it would be that they are slightly on the dry side but that could be because I added an extra 1/4 cup oats as I thought the mixture felt a bit too wet. I'll try without next time.

The recipe has a teaspoon of "savoury spice blend" in it. This is just a home-made mix of spices - here's the recipe.

The only changes I made to the recipe was omitting onion and garlic powder and using red capsicum instead of red onion.

If you would like a bit more reading have a look at Dr Greger's evidence based eating guide or here for more recipes.

Happy burgering!

Carla :)



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