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  • Carla Evans

Ginger Biscuits, mmm

Hi everyone,

Following on from the last email about sugars, here is one of my favourite easy recipes using rapadura sugar - Ginger Biscuits.

Incase you need a recap. Rapadura sugar is unrefined cane sugar.  It still has all the molasses which contains the B vitamins and minerals that allow our bodies to metabolise sugar.  White sugar has had the molasses stripped out of it - it usually gets sent off to make rum. Raw sugar and brown sugar have the molasses stripped out and then added back in in different ratios. This involves a lot of different processing techniques.

Rapadura sugar has different names depending on where it comes from.  Panela or evaporated cane juice are the other common names you might find in Australia.  You might find it in your health food shop, health food aisle of the supermarket or even in the bulk bins at some of the good supermarkets like Pasadena Foodland here in South Australia.  I get mine from Changing Habits and I usually have some extra in stock so feel free to ask me for it at your next appointment. 

Click here for the Ginger Biscuit recipe and enjoy a treat that doesn't deplete your body.

If you prefer a completely grain free ginger cookie - here's a recipe for you!

Happy ginger biscuit munching!

Carla :)



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