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  • Carla Evans

Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound

Would you like to treat yourself?  Do you need some time out to relax and unwind?

If you are in South Australia on Sunday 6th October, Glenyce Durdin, Sound Therapist, has the answer for you.  It's called a Sound Bath.   Now don't worry, there's no stripping off into your bathers and exposing your lily white winter skin. Instead you get to stay fully clothed, relax on your yoga mat, get cosy under a blanket and for 90 minutes switch off from the world.  You will be absorbed in the healing sounds of "Drum, Didgeridoo and Gong, complimented by the pure tones of Crystal Bowls and Voice, the mystical tones of Himalayan Bowls and Rainstick and the earth sounds of Therapeutic Percussion."

I've had one on one sessions with Glenyce and it's an amazing feeling.  I feel like I've had a deep tissue massage and meditation session all in one. The different instruments emit different frequencies, and when used together different harmonies that help the different types of tissue in the body relax without being touched.  

If you struggle to meditate because thoughts keep taking over, this would be really interesting to try.  I find the mind and emotions relax very naturally with the sounds so you can more easily connect to the deeper intuitive part of yourself.  

So on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, a Sound Bath might be just what you need!

Places are limited so click here for more information.  For individual sessions visit the website

Happy relaxing!

p.s. the crystal bowls are AMAZING!



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