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  • Carla Evans

It's time to say goodbye to...

Hi everyone,

Although My Favourite Things online shop is now closed I am keeping a few products in stock in the McLaren Vale clinic that I use and recommend during consultations including Tissue Salts, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Edible Beauty Teas.  Unfortunately the teas are no longer available wholesale due to the challenge with sourcing reliable ingredients so I won't be able to keep stocking them in clinic.  Therefore I'm having a "HAVE A CUPPA SALE" with 15% OFF (well actually just a smidge more because I like whole numbers!).  The beautiful jars of tea are reduced from $30 to $25 (these make a wonderful gift and also look great sitting on your bench top) and the refill bags from $18 to $15.

I only have one or two of each in stock so it's first in first served.  Here is an order form showing how many of each I have left.  Email it to me and I'll check the stock before sending you an invoice.  Then we can arrange for you to collect them from the Blackwood or McLaren Vale clinics or your Pilates class.

For more information about all of the teas visit

and of course I encourage you to keep supporting Edible Beauty by buying direct from them in the future.  If you haven't checked out their skincare range I can highly recommend it - I use all the "core four" products plus the tinted moisturiser and love them.

Herbal teas are a great way of reducing your caffeine intake from coffee and black tea.  There are so many delicious options out there so don't give up if you dislike the first herbal tea you try.  Edible Beauty Teas are a bit special in that they are made by a Anna Mitsios, Naturopath so she has blended them specifically for therapeutic purposes.  Anna is also hot on checking the quality of ingredients, hence why she can no longer make them viable at wholesale prices.

As well as Edible Beauty teas I also use the Planet Organic range available in many supermarkets.  I love their ginger tea, peppermint tea, detox tea, tulsi tea and bedtime tea.

I know it sounds odd, but do check your herbal tea ingredients as some of them contain added flavourings.  Remember, even if it says "natural flavouring" it's not natural in the way you and I would think about it.  Put it back on the shelf.

As with black tea, herbal tea ingredients can also be sprayed with a lot of pesticides so buy organic when you can.

Herbal teas are a good way of staying hydrated if you get sick of having plain water.  Remember your baseline fluid requirement is 25-30ml/kg/day. This can come from plain water, water with lemon/cucumber etc, homemade juices and herbal teas.  Many herbal teas can be made and then chilled down for iced tea.  The Edible Beauty Balancing Butterfly Blue tea is beautiful for this, especially with a slice of lemon - it turns from blue to purple!

Hmmm, I think it's time for a cuppa right now!

Here is the order form again, 

Happy tea supping!

Carla :)



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