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  • Carla Evans

Online health summit - free access

There's a free online health summit coming up shortly from Oct 23rd - 29th which I thought you might like to look at:

If you've not come across online health summits before, they are similar to attending a conference or summit with lots of different presenters but it's all online.  How they usually work is you get free access to all the presentations for a week and then you can purchase the digital downloads if you wish to keep them.  

The reason I'm sharing a link for this summit is there are a couple of presenters who I really like who work in the field of linking mind, body and energetic fields.  They are Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton.  If you don't have time to listen to any of the others I think you'll enjoy these 2 webinars.  They both have slightly different ways of explaining their subject so one may appeal more than the other.  We are really starting to link science and spirituality by learning more about the electromagnetic fields within and around us.  If you have had Kinesiology sessions with me you will know how we can work with Chi or Qi, the electromagnetic field based in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  So what is electromagnetic energy?  Here is a great video from National Geographic to explain:

Of course, with all the health information online it can become confusing to determine which information is right for you.  Please let me know if you have any questions after watching any of the presentations and I'll do my best to give you a grounded answer.  I always suggest to stay open to new information, then go and do your own research and finally tune into your intuition and see what feels right for you.

Keep learning and stay young!

Carla :)



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