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  • Carla Evans

Summer barbecues need...

Well we are certainly having changeable weather here in South Australia and thank goodness for the rain yesterday.  I suspect the traditional summer barbecues are still going strong regardless of the weather though!  One of the almost compulsory additions to a barbecue is of course tomato sauce or ketchup. The tomato sauce or ketchup you can buy is usually high in sugar and salt, and not the unrefined versions so pretty nasty to our livers, kidneys and heart.  It can also contain colourings, flavourings, thickeners, acidity regulators and food acid which again give our livers a lot of chemicals to metabolise.  And let's face it, our livers could probably do with a break at this time of year!!

So here is a simple recipe for homemade tomato sauce that you can bottle and keep.  Get the kids involved so they can proudly eat their own tomato sauce!

This recipe contains rapadura sugar (unrefined sugar) and you can change the amount to suit your taste. The amount in there is already less than a certain well known brand of ketchup :)  And if you are garlic free like me then just leave it out, yay!

Happy barbecuing!

Carla :)



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