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  • Carla Evans

Summer Breakfasts

The weather is warming up and porridge is no longer so enticing for breakfast so what are the best summer breakfasts?

Obviously bircher muesli or home-made toasted muesli are great options with fresh fruit and yoghurt or milk (dairy or non-dairy).  Smoothies are another great option.  But an awesome breakfast I keep going back to is CADA, a recipe by Cyndi O'Meara from Changing Habits.  It stands for coconut, almonds, date and apple and is very easy to make, click here for the recipe.  CADA is naturally free from dairy and gluten and you can get creative and add to or adapt the recipe to your heart's content.  Try substituting almonds for brazil nuts or pumpkin seeds, change the apple to pear and swap dates for figs!  CADA is also quite a light breakfast so good for those who don't feel like eating much in the morning.  You can even use it as a snack between meals or for dessert.  If you want to take it to work for a snack just squeeze some lemon juice over the apple to stop it from turning brown.

Happy breakfasting!

Carla :)



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