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  • Carla Evans

Vitamin C - the full article

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy with this proper winter weather.  It's great to have some decent rain and I even had to scrape my windscreen last week!

A few weeks ago we had a brief discussion about Vitamin C.  The full article that I wrote for our national Kinesiology magazine is now attached for your perusal...or incase you're having trouble falling asleep at night!  As always, remember it is written for practitioners but is easy to read and will give you more background information.  

Everyone is in a different place in terms of their biochemistry so If you are unsure whether you need supplemental vitamin C please have a chat with me at your next appointment.  Also, if you would like to know how much vitamin C you are getting from your diet, fill in a food diary and I can put it through my dietary analysis software.  Here is a word version if that's easier.  It takes approximately 30 mins to analyse a 3 day food diary so will be $40 - you will get a full readout of your macro and micronutrient intake, not just vitamin C.

Here is the full article and I look forward to any questions!

Happy reading!

Carla :)



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