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Fully online for 4 weeks

Well, another very interesting and challenging week for all of us.  Amongst everything, the Blackwood clinic was broken into last Tuesday night so apologies once again to my Wednesday clients who I had to cancel.

However, this is certainly an opportunity to practice adapting to change (quite quickly!) and to get creative rather than just doing what we've always done.  On that note I am adapting and going fully online for the next 4 weeks. Online consultations, Pilates classes and the pop-up online shop My Favourite Things opens on Wednesday!  Have a scroll down and read the relevant sections for you...


I made the decision yesterday to move all my consultations online for the next 4 weeks.  We've not had clear government guidance but our national association has strongly encouraged us to do online consulting or if we are seeing clients face to face to be wearing full PPE (gloves, mask and gown) so I am choosing online consulting.  After 4 weeks I'll reassess the situation and keep everyone informed.

The good thing is, as Kinesiologists we can easily do surrogate balances online.  I know this sounds unusual but it works extremely well and I often do them with family in NZ.  I'm happy to have a chat with anyone about how it works but essentially I do surrogate muscle testing on myself and then show you how to do the corrections on yourself.  We also use energetic techniques to enhance the process.  It's actually quite fun and you get to learn a lot more about what techniques are good for what issues.

We use video calls via FaceTime (Apple only) or Zoom - both are encrypted for privacy and easy to use and for those of us who are technologically challenged I'll talk you through how to use them don't worry!

As much as I prefer to be doing hands on work, I'm extremely grateful that I'm able to offer online consults as they will allow us to keep your immune system at it's peak as well as address any other ailments we usually have on the list helping you to stay well during these challenging times.

If you are already booked in for a consultation in the next 4 weeks you will receive all the relevant information in your reminder SMS.  If you do not have an appointment in the next 4 weeks but would like an online consult to strengthen your immune system or to work on a particular issue please get in touch - the usual consulting days apply, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat.


Online classes are up and running on Tuesdays at 6pm plus the class will be recorded and available for 1 week so if you cannot make this time you can still do the workout (as many times as you like!)  This class is for people who have done Pilates with me before and are used to the way I teach, it is beginner - intermediate level.  

Once you’ve enrolled and paid I’ll send you a link and meeting ID so you can join the Zoom “meeting”, and hopefully if I’ve done it correctly it will be the same link and ID every week.  

Bonus Class:

If you choose a 5 or 10 class pass (see options below) you will also have access to a free class once/month.  This will be run on a Thursday (time to be decided) and again will be recorded and available for a week incase you can’t make the chosen time.  This class may be slightly different to the usual Pilates class.  It is likely to be more of a stretching class but may vary according to my mood!!

Payments: Single class $20 5 class pass $87.50 ($17.50/class) - use within 8 wks 10 class pass $150 ($15/class) - use within 16wks Payments can be made via EFT, credit card (I’ll send you an invoice) or credit card over the phone. EFT details: Name: Carla Evans BSB:    065156 Acc:     10445210 Bank:   Commonwealth How do I enrol? Simply email back to say when you’d like to start (the next class is tonight, Tues 31/3) and send me the EFT payment receipt or request an invoice/phone call for credit card payments. Can I suggest this class to others? This particular class is just for clients who have done Pilates with me before and is beginner-intermediate level.  It is not appropriate for someone who has not done Pilates before.  I may introduce a beginner class in the near future so if you do know of anyone who would be interested please pass on my details so I can put their names down on a waiting list.  3. ONLINE POP-UP SHOP "MY FAVOURITE THINGS"

  • My Favourite Things is popping open again tomorrow yay!

  • Delivery option available for $10 woohoo!

  • There will of course be new products yeeha!

  • More information will land in your inbox tomorrow...


So that's all from me folks, (thank goodness I hear you say!)  But if you are needing some entertainment while at home I can highly recommend the movie 2040.  A really well put together, easy to watch movie with awesome information about what we can focus on right now to make genuine changes to the health of our planet (and therefore to ourselves). Great to watch with children too.  Here is a link to the trailer, I watched it on Foxtel but I think you can also buy it on various platforms:

Happy staying at homeing!

Carla :)



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