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  • Carla Evans

Pilates for 1, 2 or more?

I'm really enjoying teaching Pilates Mat classes locally in McLaren Flat and am excited to start a Tues 6pm class on 6th Feb. However I realise that committing to a weekly class is not for everyone due to shift work, children or specific exercise needs. So how about a private or duo class? And... how about we video it so you can redo the same workout at home in between classes (with my annoying nagging to drop your shoulders every 2 minutes?!) This way we only need to have a face to face session every 6-8 weeks to refresh your workout and keep challenging the body (and mind!).

Welcome to my home Pilates studio in McLaren Vale - now air-conditioned thank goodness!

Pilates McLaren Vale

We use the mat, chi balls, therabands, foam rollers, hand weights and the wonderful Wunda Chair! The session is tailored to your needs, your questions are answered along the way and you should leave feeling like you've had a good work out but also feeling refreshed, centred and a little taller!

We can video a short 10-15 minute workout or a full hour - whatever is realistic for you. The most important thing is consistency which means repeating the workout 2-3 times per week for real, tangible progress.

For more information about the right type of Pilates class for you contact me on 0435 050575, or visit

Happy workouts everyone!

Carla :)


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