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  • Carla Evans

Curry time!

Hi everyone,

With these cooler days recently I've reverted back to warming foods - baked potatoes and homemade baked beans and last night a vegetable curry, delicious. Hmmm I thought February was still officially summer?! Ah well, we can't complain, it's freezing in the UK.

The following Vegetable Curry recipe is adapted from one I found in a magazine. It's been tweaked so it has no onion and garlic - just how I like it! In most recipes celery or green/red capsicum can be substituted for onion. As for garlic, you can just leave it out, there are so many delicious spices and herbs in a curry recipe you really don't need it. I also find that some curry recipes are too heavy on the coconut milk so in this one I used half coconut milk and half water and it was just right. You can buy light coconut milk but you are just paying for added water. Coconut milk will freeze well until you make it next time or make a double batch and that will use a 400mL tin coconut milk.

Happy currying!

Carla :)



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