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  • Carla Evans

Fuel your inner geek - bookmark this website

Hi everyone,

This week I'd like to introduce you to a great resource for nutrition information. No it's not me! It's the website founded by Dr. Michael Greger. As the name Nutrition Facts suggests, it's a website providing access to nutrition information based on the current scientific literature. Now of course it doesn't cover everything because not everything has been studied but it gives a great overview of what has been studied and what the outcomes were. And thankfully it's all been done in normal lingo rather than medical language.

What I like about the website:

Great search function:

The search function is very easy to use for example if you type in blood pressure you get this whole list of articles

Information is presented in 3 ways:

If you're a visual learner you'll love the videos that come with every article.

If you're auditory, try the podcast.

If you like to read, all the videos have transcripts to read!

Click on videos/browse videos by topic to get a full list of all the topics they cover. You can also go to Resources/ Blog for the latest videos & articles.

No supplements for sale:

The website is a non-profit charity. The only thing for sale are Michael's books and you can donate to the website if you wish.

No pushiness:

There is no trying to convince you to eat a certain way. There is simply a presentation of facts so you can then make an informed choice.

Of course there are always limitations - the website can only present nutrition information that has been studied and written up in scientific journals. This of course limits the type of information available so please don't use this to narrow your view on nutrition, rather use it as a starting point e.g. "okay where is the scientific information at on keto diets at the moment?". Then continue to do your own research and of course ask me any questions and I will answer them if I can.

Happy researching!

Carla :)



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